June 4, 2004
Editor: Steve Czech

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President's Report

Greetings, summer is here and another school year is completed. Many students made significant gains because of your efforts and now it is time to regenerate for fall. Our organization has had a successful year, and I would like to express my thanks to those who served on the board. You helped make my year as president go smoothly. Also, thanks to all of you who have kept your membership current as that enables us to provide opportunities for you and your students. One of those benefits is the MnACTE/SNP Student Grant Award which recognized four individuals this spring. Each student received $250 (see article in this Echo for more information). A major highlight of the year included three of our nominees each receiving national awards through NAVESNP at the ACTE Convention. The local recipeients were LuAnne Tauer, John Hamilton and Eric Sime (see February Echo for details). It was great to have these individuals recognized for the quality services they provide and also terrific representation for Minnesota in showcasing the quality of our programs. We have started planning for the 2005 statewide conference, so please mark March 3-4, 2005 on your calendars. Thank you to all those who agreed to run for positions on the board and to those who voted. The elections will be ratified at the Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, October 14, 2004. Relax, have a great summer, and I look forward to working with next year.

Submitted by:
Robert W. Lindgren
Work Experience Coordinator
Area High School
401 Huntsinger Avenue
Park Rapids, MN 56470
Office: 218-237-6479
Fax: 218-237-6401


2004 Grant Awards

The Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Education Special Needs Personnel (MnACTE/SNP) recognized the following students this spring for exceptional performance in attaining their vocational goals with $250 grant awards:

Sarah Berg, District 287 VECTOR Transition Services - North, Orono. Sarah was nominated by Kathy Lettas-Cornwall.

Sarah has worked at Pet Smart as a cashier and just recently was hired by Home Depot in their greenhouse. She has also taken classes at the Hennepin Technical College in the Retail Florist Program. Sarah has been involved in ice skating, volleyball, selling Mary Kay products and is a volunteer speaker/tour guide for the VECTOR program. Sarah has cerebral palsy with right side hemiplegia.

Sarah's goals were to live independently, get around her community and either take further college courses or obtain employment in her field. Sarah has met those goals and currently lives in her own apartment at No Place Like Home, uses Metro Transit for work and attends Hennepin Technical College and works at her new job. Sarah tries to accomplish things on her own first and knows when to ask for help. The grant can help Sarah with more classes or transportation.

Danny Collier, Richfield Transition Plus Program, Lincoln Hills Center. Danny was nominated by Lu Ann Tauer.

Danny currently works at American Express where he sorts and delivers mail and works with computers doing data entry. His supervisor at American Express has indicated that Danny is one of the very best employees they have worked with. He has also participated in the Color Prepress and Printing Program at Hennepin Technical College and has one class remaining to receive a certificate in that program. Dan will use his grant to pay for that last class. Dan has participated in many activities such as bowling, softball, flying model planes, volunteering at Goodwill Easter Seals and Value Village. Dan has overcome many obstacles including cognitive delays and Sickle Cell Anemia.

Danny's goals are to maintain a job where he feels confident and professional and to either stay at his current job or to find a job in the printing industry. He would like to live in his own apartment someday and be independent in getting around his community. He currently lives in a group home and works with Transition Plus staff to budget, plan, shop ad prepare meals, do laundry and household chores, using the city bus and exploring housing options.

Anthony Holker, District 882, Monticello High School. Anthony was nominated by Kim Landecker.

Anthony works at Coborn's Superstore Grocery Store in Albertville. He takes great pride in doing a job well and he is friendly to coworkers and customers. He is also a kind person and finds joy in helping others. He has advertised and collected prizes for a school wide award night, made cookies for the students in the special education program and has participated in Work Skills Day where he received first place in application writing and third place in interviewing and he is an active participant in several special Olympic sports. Anthony was a student council representative and a student manager for the varsity football team. Anthony is autistic with compulsive obsessive behaviors and behavior problems and has learned to talk about his feeling and concerns and has worked hard at understanding himself and making positive changes. Anthony has also experienced

Anthony's goals are to continue to work in the food industry and to find transportation from his adult foster home to and from Coborn's. The agency that will be working with Anthony does not transport him from Monticello to Albertville. He would use his grant money to find someone to transport him so he can continue to be employed.

Blong Yang, Transition Plus Services, St. Paul Public Schools, St. Paul. Blong was nominated by Karin Tomervik.

Blong is currently completing the Auto Body Repair diploma program this spring at St. Paul College. His GPA is 3.66. He has also earned 21 credits in the welding program and he is employed part time at a St. Paul car wash. Blong is interested in helping friends and family with tasks. He plays soccer and was selected by his college instructor to assist in teaching "connections" classes with secondary students. He is willing to talk with prospective students about his experiences, challenges and successes. Blong's barriers include a learning disability, low income status and English as a second language.

Blong's goals are to complete is Auto Body Repair program and the grant will help him to prepare for employment as an auto body repairperson.


Reminder: If your address or email address changes, please contact Bob Lindgren at rlindgren@parkrapids.k12.mn.us. It is important to keep current email addresses as we are doing more electronic notices and less paper mailings. Also, let others know about the website and our organization. At this time, not only your MnACTE/SNP membership is important, but also membership in MnACTE and ACTE. They are crucial in getting key legislation passed such as the permanent levy and reauthorization of IDEA and Perkins.

MnACTE Board Meeting: June 17, 2004, Chaska.

ACTE Region III Leadership Conference: June 23-25, 2004, Kansas City, MO

MnACTE/SNP Annual Membership Board Meeting: October 14th, 2004 at Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park.

National Tech Prep Network Conference: October 13-16, 2004, Minneapolis, MN.

ACTE National Convention: December 9-11, 2004, Las Vegas, NV.

MnACTE/SNP Statewide Conference March 3-4, 2005 at the Earle Brown Center, Brooklyn Center.

2004 MnACTE Awards - It's not to late to nominate someone for an award through MnACTE: MnACTE Awards 2004 forms.doc
Teacher of the Year
Outstanding CTE
Outstanding New CTE
25-Year Award
Deadline: June 15, 2004

2004-2005 MnACTE/SNP Board Meetings: Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park; 12:30 in Room H195.
October 14, 2004 (Annual Meeting)
November 11, 2004
January 13,2005
February 10, 2005
April 14, 2005
May 12, 2005 (site to be determined).

MnACTE/SNP Board of Directors Election Results for 2004-05

This slate of officers will be adopted at the annual meeting on October 14th, 2004.


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