State Membership


The Minnesota Association for Career & Technical Education/Special Needs Personnel is the representative statewide professional organization of individuals who teach, administer, coordinate, and offer support service to students with vocational special needs. MnACTE/SNP has been providing professional leadership sine its charter in 1975.

Benefits of Membership

  • National State Organization Affiliation (ACTE, NAVESNP, MnACTE)
  • Public Policy and Legislative Influence
  • Regional and Divisional Representation on MnACTE/SNP Board
  • Liaison with Minnesota Department of Education
  • Information Newsletter
  • "Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education" (Quarterly)
  • State Comprehensive Conference
  • Regional workshops and in-services
  • Student Grants and Scholarships
  • Member Stipends for Professional Development

National Membership


The national Association of Vocational Special Needs Personnel was organized in 1974 with the following goals serving as a base of growth and development.


  1. To unite related state and regional organizations of vocational special needs personnel into a
    national professional organization.
  2. To promote active leadership in the development of vocational, career, and occupational
    education for students with special needs.
  3. To provide national and regional guidance service to members of the association.


There is an annual business meeting of NAVESNP held in conjunction with the Association for Career & Technical Education. The annual meeting includes reports from the Executive Board, follow-up from various committee projects, and ongoing planning for membership issues and concerns. The executive Board and Standing Committees are working and active throughout the year.

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